Blog Content

Kristen, our copy Maven has written many keyword rich blog posts. Using keyword rich postings increases SEO which is critical for businesses in this virtual era.

Kristen’s style is very diverse! She’s done freelance copywriting and created marketing campaigns for a wide variety of companies. She’s very comfortable learning about a business/brand and then ghost writing to fit their voice and audience.

Over the last 5 years she’s written sales letters, autoresponders, promotional launch campaigns, an ebook, blog posts, opt-in pages, and ad copy for relationship advice brands.

Last year she worked with American Idol coaches Michael Orland and Peisha McPhee to create their website and sales funnel. She wrote all the copy currently being used on their website. You can see their site here ==> Ace Your Audition

To see examples of Kristen’s blog writing visit the following blogs:

* Blog for Mat Boggs HERE. All blog posts and content are ghost written by Kristen.
* Blog for Sherri Nickos HERE. All blog articles from September 2013 through the current posting were written by Kristen. Some of these articles were re-purposed from Sherri’s original content.