Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel is what leads customers to purchase your product or services. As they pass through the funnel they transform from random prospects to qualified leads and finally to buyers.

As the term “funnel” suggests it’s wide at the top (point of entry) and more narrow at the bottom (point of purchase).

Your point of entry should capture their email address and will most likely be a free gift like an article, free session, e-book, etc. You then have an opportunity to follow up with these potential customers with emails through your autoresponder (AR) series. Good AR messages will deliver value, establish a relationship and provide opportunities to buy products and move through the funnel.

The Internet Marketing Mavens are experts at this form of internet marketing. We can help you design and build your sales funnel to maximize opt-ins from your target audience, engage and build trust with these potential customers, and most importantly convert prospects to buyers so you can grow your business and experience financial success.

sales funnel